Farm Worklog Feb 28, 2024

Sowed the Albizia julibrisson, both regular and the EH Wilson cultivar; the rest of the caesalpinias, the palo verde, Cassia javanica, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Pink Trumpet tree, Purple orchid tree, Blue Moon Wisteria.

I should have been starting the vegetables days ago, but I’m going to start as few nursery pots of peppers and tomatoes with what little seed starter I have left. I had ordered some coconut coir to make a big batch of soil and was anticipating it to arrive today (rather foolishly, I know, don’t ever rely on a Big Box business or the usual shipping concerns) but naturally it did not. :/

Nursery Pots is a technique I saw on Instagram, where you start the seeds in a pot with minimal soil, plucking out the seedlings as they sprout and repotting, also in minimal soil, adding more soil as the plants grow taller, to establish a deeper root system. The reel showed it with just tomatoes, but I figure peppers could possibly benefit too?

Tomatoes: Purple Cherokee, Brandywine Yellow, Rosy Finch Micro Dwarf, Yellow Plum

Hot peppers: Jalapeño mild, 5 Color Chinese Pepper, Chiltepin Wild Chile, Yellow Caribbean Habanero

Sweet Peppers: Txorixero, Lilac Bell Pepper, Alma Paprika, Mini Bell Pepper Blend

And a pot of Red Stem Malabar spinach. Most of the greens  and herbs sprout too small for this to be a practical technique, I think.

Yesterday I took a cutting of the native honeysuckle that I saw growing on Lover’s Lane, hopefully I’ll be able to root it this time. Theres also a wild-growing Redbud tree near it, I should look up when’s the best time to take cuttings of those, and whether the seeds are viable. I also saw another flowering tree at the intersection of Lover’s and Monument, but it looks like it has a different kind of bark than the Wild Mexican Plum on the corner of Old Kelley and Shady Lane. Possibly a pear or service berry? Will check if I go to town tomorrow.