Farm Worklog Mar. 7, 2024

Can’t sleep so I sowed some herbs: three basils, Peruvian, Blue Spice, and Cinnamon, mountain mint, lemon mint, and bergamot.

Also started some snake plant cuttings.

Update, 10:40am: sorted some of the wildflower seeds. Note to self: don’t just throw them all in a tray this year. What a PITA. I accidentally knocked the dregs of the tray onto the floor at the end, gave up and swept the mess into the trash. Composing a wild harvesting kit to keep in my car from now on, to prevent such fiascos in the future. Will update on that when I actually get it done.


Farm Worklog Feb 29, 2024

Woke up at four am to take my meds really late (oops) and started sowing the haworthias. Just one pot, H. Obtusa ‘Moon Light’

Update, 1:00pm: I’m up now, and continuing on with the haworthias: H. Picta ‘picta 101’; H. Hybrid ‘Blue Haze’; H. Hybrid ‘Silver Mutica’; H. Hybrid ‘Pale hyb’ variegated; H. Hybrid ‘bolusii’ variegated; H. Hybrid ‘Renny’s Oibo’; and a single Gasteria cv ‘Groovy’ for the small batch individual seed packets. Also the 100 seed packs of mixed H. Picta and H. Comcorre.

Interesting note: gasteria seeds are different from haworthia seeds, a little bigger, flatter, and darker in color. This is the first time I’ve attempted any gasteria from seed, so I’m not sure if this is a general difference.

In some slightly encouraging news, it appears that several of the Mamillaria plumosa seedlings I have been hardcore neglecting for over a year now have survived? I am floored. Look at these tiny babies.

Four very small, about 3mm wide by 5mm tall cacti seedlings, Mamillaria plumosa
I would literally die for these tiny cacti beebs

They even have tiny fluffs already!

Edit, 10:49pm: I have the first sprouts (aside from the above cacti), and they are the Pink Polka Dot Plants! Which I apparently forgot to log! So for future ref, I also planted those and the Variegated African Violet seeds on day one. Also my coconut coir and plant food and horticultural charcoal arrived today, woo.