Farm Worklog Mar. 8, 2024

Mostly repotting seedlings today: the orange caesalpinias, all the regular albizia julibrisson (like, nearly seventy yikes), the moringa, the yucca baccata, the polka dot plant, the seedless tomatoes, plus some bonus Malabar spinach that were growing in them (accidentally dumped the Malabar spinach pot into the bag of soil oops). Repotted the Cherokee Purple tomatoes, a few of the Rosy Finch.

Sowed: rosemary, Green pepper basil, mealy sage(?), lantanas, and the desert willow. Two more tomatoes: Mexico Midget and Fahrenheit Blues, and another pepper, Ancho Poblano.

Sprouts: nearly all the zinnias have sprouts, the Sacred Lotus, safflower, a bunch of the basils

Farm Worklog Mar. 6, 2024

Sprouts galore today! Basil, zinnia, more succulents (lithops, frithia pulchra, several of the haworthia), the paulownia tomentosa, the moringa, the Malabar spinach, English thyme, a bunch more of the yucca baccata. The caesalpinias are booming, the Albizia are looking really cute, the tomatoes are FIRE. So much potting to do tomorrow.

Farm Worklog Mar. 5, 2024

Soaking the Cranberry hibiscus

Sprouts: the caesalpinias continue to break soil with moderate vigor, as well as the Palo Verde. More tiny sprouts among the succulents, the anacampseros telaphiastrum, the first of the lithops, the Rose of Texas one, and both astrophytums are showing sprouts. Also the Pink Manila has three tiny beebs.

Farm Worklog Mar. 3, 2024

Sowed: calliandra californica; calliandra eriophylla; five basils: Sweet Genovese, Dark Opal, Thai, Persian, and Purple Globe; Italian Oregano, Sage, and English Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Winter Chervil, Sunmer and Winter Savory, the mandarin seeds ( they were already starting to germinate in the water); lilikoi, laurel(?); a couple of mystery seeds from our outing at the Ladybird Johnson Wikdflower Center, and all the rest of the lithops.

The Albizia julibrisson are coming out swinging. Look at these vigorous beebs! There’s also a caesalpinia pulcherrima visible in the next tray,

Tray of Albizia julibrisson seedlings under grow lights

There are sprouts in all the tomato pots, the Malabar spinach looks like it’s starting to germinate, and all the caesalpinias except for the red are showing a few sprouts each. The palo verde look about ready to break earth too.

Watered the haworthia tray, some of them were getting a bit dry. Repotted my Pink Princess Philodendron, broke off the top and put that in a new pot, all the offsets look good except for that one that always looks like it’s about to die. The yucca baccata are sprouting too. Prepped the Mealy Sage seeds, soaking the retama for planting tomorrow too.

Farm Worklog March 2, 2024

Spent about an hour or so watering things. Trying to develop the habit of regular watering is so hard! Lots more Albizia sprouts today, the whole tray is alive with little cotelydons poking their heads up from the soil. I’m rehydrating the coco coir so I can get to more veggies and herbs, but today will be devoted to writing instead of planting, since I need to get my current manuscript finished.