Farm Worklog Feb 29, 2024

Woke up at four am to take my meds really late (oops) and started sowing the haworthias. Just one pot, H. Obtusa ‘Moon Light’

Update, 1:00pm: I’m up now, and continuing on with the haworthias: H. Picta ‘picta 101’; H. Hybrid ‘Blue Haze’; H. Hybrid ‘Silver Mutica’; H. Hybrid ‘Pale hyb’ variegated; H. Hybrid ‘bolusii’ variegated; H. Hybrid ‘Renny’s Oibo’; and a single Gasteria cv ‘Groovy’ for the small batch individual seed packets. Also the 100 seed packs of mixed H. Picta and H. Comcorre.

Interesting note: gasteria seeds are different from haworthia seeds, a little bigger, flatter, and darker in color. This is the first time I’ve attempted any gasteria from seed, so I’m not sure if this is a general difference.

In some slightly encouraging news, it appears that several of the Mamillaria plumosa seedlings I have been hardcore neglecting for over a year now have survived? I am floored. Look at these tiny babies.

Four very small, about 3mm wide by 5mm tall cacti seedlings, Mamillaria plumosa
I would literally die for these tiny cacti beebs

They even have tiny fluffs already!

Edit, 10:49pm: I have the first sprouts (aside from the above cacti), and they are the Pink Polka Dot Plants! Which I apparently forgot to log! So for future ref, I also planted those and the Variegated African Violet seeds on day one. Also my coconut coir and plant food and horticultural charcoal arrived today, woo.