Farm Worklog Mar. 4, 2024

Sowed the first batch of Zinnia: Summer Pinwheels, Candy Cane Mix, Ice Queen, Lavender Gem, Thumbelina, State Fair Mix, Oklahoma Mix, Giant Cactus, Jazzy Red, and Dwarf Pumila. Lots more to go, gotta go mix up more potting mix.

Sowed two more of the passionflowers: red rover, and orange. Soaking the Sacred Lotus and Mexican Buckeye, and Yaupon(?) that I picked up at Walmart in the parking lot.

Soaking all the Morning Glory: Red Picotee, Blue Picotee, Clarke’s Heavenly Blue, Choice Mixed Colors, Flying Saucers, Milky Way, Grandpa Ott, Sunrise Serenade, Carnival of Venice, Dwarf Tri Color. Also a packet of Moonflower (Evening Glory White).

Soaking: Purple Forest Guava, lantana, desert willow.

Sprouts: all the tomatoes have sprouts now, some of the Extremely Vigorously. The first of the tiny succulents is Monilaria moniliformis, proving that at least those seeds ca remain viable for a long time.

I potted up a few of the Albizia and Caesalpinia for myself, respectively: regular and EHW, the Mex, Pink, Yellow and Orange. No sprouting on the reds yet, butt if they don’t, they were free bonus seeds anyway so no loss.