Farm Worklog Feb 26, 2024

Sowed: Red and Green Finger Limes; Dawn Redwood (Metesequoia glyptostroboides); Thuja occidentalis; Pink Manuka, Variegated African Violet; Paulownia tomentosa; caesalpinia pulcherrima, orange flower version.

I also forgot to log that I sowed some Yuccas: baccata, capensis, and whipplei, all fruiting varieties for the farm, the day before I started logging everything here. Oops.

Soaking jacaranda mimosifolia, Paolo Verde (parkinisonia aculeata)

Cold stratified Pinus Aristata (6 weeks); Mugo Pine (6 weeks); Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora) (4 weeks); Jacaranda acutifolia (4 weeks); Purple Jacaranda (?) (4 weeks); Purple Smoke Tree (Cotinus coggyria) (4 weeks)

prepping to sow the haworthia hybrid seeds, the pots need to drain a bit before I put the seeds in the soil.